Child locked-in-car alone device cost less than $100 to install easy

So you have money to spend on a nice car, upgraded your car stereo dvd system or nice set of wheels for your car, but you didn’t spend money on having a child safety locked-in-car warning?  despite the fact that you know you have a toddler? EPPING! unbelievable, these devices are out there, and it’s not that expensive or hard to install, what? you afraid it will not look nice on your car than the safety of your child? ePP yOU! come to my house, I will install a workable device that can irritate the FRACK out of you when you leave your car with your child inside so this would never happen! can you imagine the agony death how the child take his or her last breath before death!? I should stop watching the news, some news just pisses me off

Lately there has been a lot of fatality related child locked-in-car, mostly extreme heat, and possible extremely cold also, and off course loss of oxygen even the temperature is just fine.

The device could be homemade, or professionally installed for $300 or less. I personally can create a device right now for less than $100 installed and it will irritate the FRACK out of you to make sure you bring the child out of the car.

Where can I buy AC fan motor capacitor and other HVAC parts?

Short answer: at, search for the parts, buy it, and go pick it up at the nearest location to your area.

No, you’re not going to find capacitor, or AC fan motors, or AC contactor at homedepot, lowes, walmart, ACE hardware, and so on, they don’t have it.

You can call around locally nearest to your house but, those HVAC places around you probably not going to sell it to you, they will only sell it to contractor, like those people charge you an arm and a leg to fix your heating cooling system. You will be better off looking for local electrical supplies, such as they’re the best, they have all the parts to your home AC and heating replacement parts. Keep in mind that it’s better for you to bring in the old parts when pick up the replacement parts to make sure it will work, it does not need to be 100% exact model or part#, but other specification match to the minimum requirement is good enough.

For example. I have Lennox AC unit located outside the house. Late it made loud humming noise. Found out the motor wasn’t spinning, although the compressor ran but very loud I guess due to the heat built up. Luckily I caught it on-time and shut down the AC.

I shut off the circuit breaker panel to the AC unit, also pulled out the shut off switch to the AC unit, then use the volt meter to ensure no more voltage or power feeding to the AC unit. In addition I also discharged all the capacitor by shorting it.

Next I removed the top cover where it hold the motor, disassemble enough to see the motor model #, specification and wires. Went online to and search for the spec.

Since nearest location is an hour away, I went ahead and check those other parts on this 5 years old AC unit and buy all replacement parts at the same time. So I got the capacitor, additional ran capacitor for the new motor, and the contactor since this could go out in 5-10 years. So I removed all these items and search for the same spec replacement parts at Drove an hour to pick up, and no they don’t ask if you’re contractor or personal, they might ask if you’re picking up for yourself or for your company though. It’s ok no worries, yourself is fine.

Went home and replaced it. Connect back the shutoff connector, switched the breaker back on. Turn on the AC controller on the thermostat, the AC unit kicked on 1 time for 1 sec, then off, then it kicked in again 1 second then off. Don’t worries, just leave it alone. Within 15 minutes or so, your controller thermostat will eventually trigger the contactor to turn on the AC. Give it sometime, don’t get scare thinking it doesn’t work. It will work just make sure you get all the wiring done correctly and you hear a momentary trigger to turn it on. It almost seems like it’s learning on how to behave properly with the new parts.

where to buy AC compressor fan motor capacitor contactor?

where to buy AC compressor fan motor capacitor contactor?

IRC mIRC chat room are still pretty much famous for getting quick answers to any questions you have

Most people probably still remembers the good old days chat room. From BBBS, dial up modem, to AOL chat, then eventually we had that IRC chat room, then with a bunch of others like ICQ, Paltalk, and so on. Well guess what? IRC still exist and pretty strong.

The most famous public chat room IRC server probably is just like the good old days It’s still public and still free, with many relay servers all over the world to keep it up and running. However file sharing probably shrunk or disappeared.

Whether you have questions about kids, math, electronics, how to, and so on, there are chat room in there that you can quickly ask a question and someone will answer. But! remember this very important. Whatever answer you received, take it into consideration before believing in it, taken it seriously or perform the tasks being recommended suggested. It could harm you. Just be smart.

So instead of hopping on forums, google search and youtube, you might be better off in IRC chat room. 🙂


Amazon shipping status “Shipping Now” Preparing shipping

Don’t worry folks. A lot of people worries about their items purchased from amazon will not shipped or delivered as promised. For instant, you might place an order for free shipping or whatever shipping method you have, and you see a date range giving on when your products will arrive. It could be 1-2 weeks. However you’re seeing the status of preparing shipping, or shipping now, and you the estimated delivery only a couple days away. Don’t worry, it will get delivered before or on that date 99% of the time, unless some issue with shipping company.

In other word. Let say you place an order on May 1st, 2014. The free shipping indicated that you will get it on May 5th to May 10th. Chances are, 50% of the orders will delivered to you on May 5th, the other 25% on May 7th, and the other 24% will delivered on May 9th, and 1% will get delivered on May 10th or longer.

Basically don’t worry, Amazon is an internet company. They have high tech equipment and system to monitor shipping orders status and so on. What might have happen is you ordered items sold by Amazon and also third party sellers. Sometime the third party sellers ship it directly to you, but for some other sellers they ship the items to Amazon, then Amazon combined with other items sold by Amazon and ship it to you at the same time. Consolidation shipments so call, that’s why you get free shipping discount. It’s all good.

So the next time you worries, just look at the estimated delivery date and always take the last date delivered by as your delivery date, however 50% of time you will get it sooner, but better to go with last date. Let say May 1st to May 10th, take May 10th to be safe 🙂

Ebay buyer seller u-knok-h5rllvh scam fraud

Just a heads up to ebay community, actually directly from ebay community forums. This ebay user name u-knok-h5rllvh has been scamming many sellers and buyers. The ebay seller name is u-knok-h5rllvh, also seller name as u-knok-h5rllvh. The name on the address appears to be Kamolchanok Umnajkitikorn, a very strange long name seems to be Asian, address in Davis California.

Many sellers talks about this ebay person. The latest incident tied to this ebayer u-knok-h5rllvh purchased an item from a very good rating seller, fast shipping, carefully packaged. Ebayer u-knok-h5rllvh received the item fast, and immediately open a case complaint to ebay that the item is defective, does not work at all, and want a full refund, no mercy, no trouble shoot attempting. Basically the item was received and right away a case was open to get full refund. The case was for an item that is next to impossible to go bad unless was cut, smashed purposely, yanked, pulled hard,  shorted … other than that it cannot be defective that easily. Noticed that the seller immediately responded to the case, no choice but refund immediately and ask the seller u-knok-h5rllvh want another one tested? or if u-knok-h5rllvh need help testing troubled, but total silent. In the end, ebay policies allowed buyer to scam sellers with no mercy. Not much the seller can do but refund and ask for the item back, but in this case, u-knok-h5rllvh did not even send the item back.

So folks be careful of ebayer such as u-knok-h5rllvh, not a very good buyer or seller for that matter, potentially a scammer fraud many people already by taking advantage of ebay buyer policies for defective item. It’s not easy selling on ebay, only a few succeeded, many failed due to bad ebay buyer taking advantage of buyer protection, in which the seller have no choice but looses money, on top of that rating impacts.

 Ebay seller buyer u-knok-h5rllvh fraud others ebayers

Power outage due to severe storm within a few seconds it does a lot of damages

The reason I haven’t been able to blog much over the past couple of days because of the power outage here in the East Coast of the US. It’s incredible what a few seconds of high wind can do. In just a few seconds, a 70 miles per hours swept through my area of the neighborhood region, it brought destruction. Tall trees being split in half, branches broken down, up root, and so on. Probably not a good idea to have tall trees, if I do, I would chop off the branches and let it grow tall and thin, just like coconut tree.

The result were, at least 5 people died to the storm and caused major damages. Including power outage of more than half million customers for 24 hours or more.

My power was off for over 24 hours. It went down on July 8th 2014 at 6PM, and did not come back on until 9PM on July 10th. Terrible I tell you. My house pretty much new, well 4-5 years old I would consider new. All the electrical residential municipal power has been buried, but still somewhere in the old neighborhood where the power feed to us, that wire came down. For some reason, we’re the last to get our power back on. This has always been the case, when power goes out here in this area, our neighbor always the last to get power back on, it sucks really.

Luckily I have power generator and kept it running continuously all day, and shut down at night time to sleep while using the backup marine batteries. Then power it on again during the day time, I only let it rest when I need to refuel it. One thing my generate really irritate me is it uses the a lot of oil. If you got a power generator like mine, I forgot the model and brand, but what happen is it will run great and then stopped every 15 minutes or less and then 5 minutes and then 1 minute. It turns out the oil was empty, I had to refill it. So if your generator start quitting every 30 minutes then 20 minutes, then 15 minutes then 5 minutes, then 1 minute, it probably need oil. That’s the pattern.

I was able to power one refrigerator, one freezer, one HD TV and cable box, 2 laptops, one desktop, two cooling fan, fish tank water filter, and charges all my mobile devices. It’s awesome, and the generator I believe is a 2000watts, 4000watts peak I believe.

Reckless driving red car at 11AM June 15th 2014 Coatesville PA drove by St. Joseph Coatesville PA Charles Street

People whom goes to Sunday catholic Church at St. Joshep Catholic church parking activities be careful of reckless drivers from that neighborhood, don’t get me wrong, not everyone in that neighborhood are bad, but just watch out you may never know who’s driving recklessly there, it could be the neighbors there or it could be someone visiting or trespassing there. It could also be a few isolated incident.

Earlier today June 15th Sunday, also father day, a red card speed through Charles Street honking everybody to get out of the road while he’s driving and drinking something. I saw this certainly not a black person and probably not white either speed through witness with my own eye have no yield or being courteous to anyone whom just got out of church walking out and slowing depart the parking lot. This driver appear to be holding drinking a big gulp of drink, it could be water, soft drink, or perhaps even beer, but the driver on this red car speed through real fast honking and didn’t stop at the stop sign and people just got out of church.

Be careful, what I witness again could be a few isolated incident here in Charles St, St. Joseph catholic church Coatesville  PA. These reckless drivers especially the one I witness today, on a red car, red Maxima, Altima, or possibly Mitsubishi or Honda Accord, hard to tell. As he drove by recklessly very fast, honking people from parking lot and pedestrian, careless for people whom just got out of church. Below are pictures of the red car what I can recall look like.

Most likely it’s an Altima model of Nissan. As I recall this is what it look like from the back, it’s red and the back look like that. The driver careless of people pedestrian of whom just off of church, he honk them, on top of that no yield for people whom just slowly moving out of the parking lot. He kept on speeding up through really fast recklessly driving. It’s a father day, and I hope that if this person is a father, he should think about his careless recklessness action and be a better father, setting up good example for his kid or kids.


Red Altima reckless driving on Charles St Coatesville PA parking lot of St Joseph Church as people just off church

Red Altima reckless driving on Charles St Coatesville PA parking lot of St Joseph Church as people just off church

You think your life is tough? Think again after watching this video

Most of us are complaining about how tough our lives are, with or without kids. We complained about our spouses, our cars, our house, how little money we have, don’t have time for this and that. What about this little boy life. Born blind, never seen anything, never knew all the colors, what is black? what is white? what life look like? Imagine taken a walk, finding your way around. Before you start complaining about your life, think of this child and many like him.