Do you know 4K camcorder are out and on the shelves at your local retail store?

Yes, although the 4K camcorder been out for a while but the price still hasn’t decrease much. In fact, today if you’re shopping for a 4K camcorder it might be difficulty to find it at your local Walmart Target Sears, but it’s there, they will be carrying it soon in stock as demand goes higher. I think the demand will be higher as long as marketing strategies for the 4K is genuinely effective. The price, by the way today is as low as $1000, in fact Sony have one for $1700.

The technology in the 4K is incredible in term of the pictures quality. Have your watched any 3D real3D IMAX especially w/ HD quality off course, notice the big differences. Yes some of them are not even close to 4K, but the picture quality is incredible. Now imagine you can produce your own 4K home video, but wait! to get the best pictures experience out of your 4K videos, you would need a 4K TV monitor also, well that’s a different story.

Anyhow, you can get the 4K videos and eventually all TV will be at the 4K level. If you don’t know what 4K is, then I will make it simple! it’s movies production quality, or let just say it’s better than your 1080p 1080i HD blu-ray, yes it’s that good. Some people might not notice probably because they have a small screen or TV monitor, get a big projector that can project HD, then you will see the big different! šŸ™‚

what is 4K resolution TV HDTV Camcorder

what is 4K resolution TV HDTV Camcorder


How to make money every time you buy anything

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FatWallet Coupons and Deals

Planet Mars latest interesting finds captures on Satellite image orbiting around Mars a bolder rolled down the hill

What’s the latest on planet Mars? Well one interesting thing I picked up is that a bolder rolled down Martian hill and stand upright. Here come the conspiracy theory! Martian, alien actually came out of the hole and pushed that rock out of the way, a satellite was lucky enough to capture that image as it happens or immediately after that happened, or perhaps just as satellite circled around Mars orbit.

planet Mars underground lives came up and pushed a bolder over rolled down the hill captured by satellite orbiting on Mars

planet Mars underground lives came up and pushed a bolder over rolled down the hill captured by satellite orbiting on Mars

If you want to post your families members pictures on Facebook then you should remove everyone else

There are many reasons you should not be posting your families members, especially immediate family members on Facebook, youtube, google +, social media network even Twitter, unless you want to expose them to the internet. I can tell you I wouldn’t if were them. Understanding the harmful thing that could happen.

If you still want to post pictures to share with only family members then you better get to facebook configuration and start setting up new groups. Such as Immediate family members group. Friends, Co-Workers, Enemies, Subscribers, and everyone else, you get the point. Then default your post to Family members, and then when you post your pictures or whatever will appear automatically only for family members. Ā Now facebook doesn’t like this, what they want for you to do is expose to the whole world so they can make money off of your posts, so they will make it difficult to configure post directly for certain audience.

I’ve seen people post on Facebook, Twitter where they’re about, where they’re at, even their home house address and so on. This is just telling criminals where you’re at to determine when to go to your house and rob you. The more detail you share online, the riskier you will get hurt both physically and mentally.

I’ve seen people post on Facebook showing off their body, their attractiveness, their large breast, and so on. You’re just asking for trouble. Criminal are advancing to technology to catch victims. Most likely you will get rape, get hurt, get victimized by stoker. You really just asking for trouble, or maybe you want to get rape or be a porn star, or hooker. So please, think about it, before posting. On top of that not to mention about the potential of loosing your job and reputation.

I’ve seen people post pictures of their son or daughters ever since they’re born, and kept on posting it daily, even toward their teenager years. Again, you’re just asking for trouble. Do you know that their criminal out there with dirty mind, all they do is surf the internet, scanning through facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media network to find victims they can easily get to. The pictures of your daughters, son, and even your wife or yourself could catch some criminal attention and it’s not that hard to get to you, and eventually your life will be miserable.

So please, post responsibly. Maybe don’t post at all anything related to your family where about, and pictures, it’s not a good thing, even you think it’s secure if we set it up correctly. I wouldn’t do it. Family stuff should be kept within a box, share with family members privately such as sms to sms and hope the other family members doesn’t share it on facebook. It’s better than posting it yourself on the internet asking for troubles today now, or the future.

how to spy and catch prey on the internet facebook twitter youtube

how to spy and catch prey on the internet facebook twitter youtube

Self driving car are more readily available than ever

A few years ago, I thought hat for self driving car would need to redesign the road and put those sensors on the road for the car to navigate, boy! am I wrong on my thought. Now the driving cars just equip with many sensors and cameras, and the help of GPS it can navigate it way around. Taking the google car for example, does close to 100,000 miles with 2 accident that weren’t its fault, some other driver were hitting it. I think that’s a big accomplishment.

But now, more and more, and almost if not all car manufacturer have a prototype of self driving car. In fact it’s available now for sale to drive on the road. Especially in Japan. In the US, I think laws has compliance has to be set up first.

Michael Brown deserve to died did you see the security footage surveillance

Are people blind? who are theĀ protesters? I can tell you most likely trouble maker, or had come in contact with the law in the past, hatred to the authority, bad taste and so on. These people are taking advantage to destroy the whole town, looting, stealing merchandise and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, killing of another person isn’t a good thing, but being a bad person isn’t a good thing either. For those of you who are not idiot, and patient enough for a clearer answer then take a look at the latest report released by the authority. Look at how big that guy is, and how he robbed or steal merchandise from a convenient store and how he treated other people that is smaller than him. Look at that picture. A big guy, probably scary too, stealing merchandise, trying to choke a store clerk maybe, not afraid scare of the law, trouble maker, even though stealing is bad, this guy does it anyway. Why? because he’s up to no good, and who knows what this guy could done later in life. Rape your wife, your daughters, robbery murder rape, you name it, this guy “Michael Brown” he’s probably capable of that and more, if you check the security video capture his action robbery in progress, stealing and how he treated another person a lot smaller than him, then you would understand this person is capable of.

Again, I feel sadness for his family, but not for him,Ā Michael Brown, a person like you is not what we want in this world, in this society, eventually you will go to jail, get out jail, start all over again and your violence will only get worst. Most trouble maker began stealing just like you, then gradually get into more trouble, selling drugs, gang bang, robbery, hurting other people. I surely feel sad for your family, your parents whoever raise you up, as it seem does not raise you up correctly. Why do you steal? didn’t your mama, papa tell you not to steal, didn’t your mama papa tell you to treat other nicely, the way you would like to be treated? not bullying that smaller person you encounter at the convenient store? Even you know what you did was wrong, you still does it anyways and that smaller person isn’t going to crap about it. In the end you get what coming to you sooner than later. Rest in peace “Michael Brown”.

Now back to the more trouble maker protesters. Go get educated, get to the truth. Don’t be a bias. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t take advantage of your hatred and act upon it as a reason for you protest, looting, and cause more harm to the community. Go get proper education. Get proper control and understanding. Stop believing what other say on twitter, facebook and youtube, their intention could be misleading for a purpose to benefit themselves with your help. You’re being tricked. So get the the truth. Please.

For the Police office whom shot the big guy, I’m not sure how this happened, shot in the back? hmm that is interesting. We have not heard from him yet, nor we can talk to the dead. I’m sure the police office side feel grief too, we don’t know much, but eventually it will come out.

Michael Brown commited arm robbery bullied other people smaller than him

Michael Brown commited arm robbery bullied other people smaller than him

Older android 2.2 will no longer work with Skype

Ever since Skype was sold to Microsoft and under Microsoft management, there has been a lot of changes and the reliability of Skype call inconvenient started Ā to exist more and more. Skype being controlled by Microsoft now just in case you don’t know. So over the past few weeks, people reporting having problems using skype even through their PC desktop laptop not just mobile devices such as Android and IOS.

The latest change was Microsoft Skype decided to retire all older Skype version with Android OS 2.2 and lower, will no longer work. Well yeah, some of you might be saying, who still have a 2.2 OS android? well, reality is a lot! and this sucks! Well, I guess this is a marketing strategies, people would have to constantly upgrade and this mean constantly spend money to boost provider profit.

Skype apps for Android OS 2.2 (or below) are being permanently retired
We’ve noticed that you are, or previously were, signed into Skype on a phone running the Android 2.2 (or below) operating system. We’re sorry to inform you that we are now retiring all Skype apps that work on these older versions of the Android operating system. As a result, within the next few weeks, you’ll no longer be able to sign in and use Skype on any Android 2.2 (or below) phone. If possible, we recommend that you upgrade your phone to a newer version of Android to continue using Skype.

If you’ve been using Skype on a more recent Android device, the above does not apply.

You can still stay in touch with friends and family using Skype on your desktop computer, laptop, phone, tablet or even an Xbox One. You can sign into them all using the same Skype account. The latest versions of Skype for all your devices are available at
Have you recently upgraded to a new Android phone or tablet?
If you have then we recommend you check the Play Store to get the latest Skype app for your device.
Do you have a Skype calling subscription?
If you want to cancel your subscription please follow the instructions on this FAQ.
Requesting a refund
To see if you are entitled to a Skype Credit or subscription refund please contact customer support for more information.
We apologize for any disruption caused,

Free internet mobile phone services from Freedompop similar to magicjack?

I finally got a chance to purchase Freedompop services to test it out. So far so good no issues, except the known scheme maybe, tricking you to select paid services. Here are what I did, after reading a lot of reviews from others, I stay away from the big flashing FREE data Unlimited and so on, those are just marketing words to get you sign up, without reading the small prints you will be subscribed to pay services.

  1. I hope on to and got a $40 HTC EVO w/ front facing camera, got it a couple days later, looks good. [originally I was going to try, that will be next though.]
  2. Went on to and sign up w/ “I already have existing phone” small one at the bottom, so I don’t have to buy their phone.
  3. Went through the sign up wizard screen, stay away from all theĀ gimmick, those that flashes have special words to get your attention like FREE, UNLIMITED, and so on, those are just to get you to click on w/ hidden charges not clearly stated. Maybe it was clearly stated just in small words, smaller than those marketing words.
  4. So again, I stayed away from those features and selections. I select the cheapest FREE far right selection, 200mins talk, 500 text, and 500MB data. Clicked all the way through without purchasing anything special. The cost total out to be $19 activation.
  5. I followed the two steps procedure to register the phone on network then download the freedompop app messaging and account management (optional though). Freedompop Message is all you need.
  6. Open up Freedompop app message, and started calling, and texting, and internet, works great!
  7. Finally, watch out for data usage on your mobile devices, some background program might empty your 500mb pretty quick, ensure to turn them off. I was able to stream radio, and youtube fine. However if you’re doing streaming and talk on the phone at the same time, the quality might not be great. This is similar to MagicJack.

OK final thought. I said MagicJack? yes I did, and the reason I say this is similar to magicjack because it’s not really a phone that you can call without the internet. This Freedompop required you to have a smartphone, which is by the way cheap now a day, and so far on CDMA network such as Sprint can be registered. I live in a small town and the signal is pretty good, always 3+ bars. Your freedompop apps doesn’t appears to be killing or deducting any of your data usage, which is good, I think freedompop don’t take any of that into account. Data count when you use it outside of Freedompop apps, such as videos streaming, radio streaming, surfing the internet, email, and run apps that uses the internet, that is where Freedompop will deduct your data usage. I tested the voice call, pretty good, however I recommend don’t use speaker phone, it will not be that great, either use handset or headphone, haven’t try bluetooth yet, same quality as magicjack if anyone uses it before, maybe closer to skype, but definitely not actual phone quality. In all, I give freedompop a great! rating. Free minutes and data, but there are fees associates if you use, no such thing as free lunch, there’s always a catch.

free internet mobile phone call scam?

free internet mobile phone call scam?

Mtgox bankcruptcy status changes and how to stay safe using Bitcoin secured

There isn’t any hope that anyone will get any money cash USD or other currencies back, let alone Bitcoin. No one should be dreaming anymore that one day their money back. This kind of news released to the Mtgox communities just heart broken and causing more stress and off course loosing faith on Bitcoin. Bitcoin isn’t safe, you can hacked easily, and the hackers sadly are the one that would like to see Bitcoin going somewhere up but apparently they’re destroying Bitcoin. There are good and bad hackers, the one that are greedy and want to destroy and profit to themselves are the one that only care for themselves and maybe another person with their own reasoning.

However on the bright side, you can protect yourself from being hack with a few antivirus and some of them are free like if you’re using Windows. The best one I recommend is malwarebytes, cheap small and effective. Then install another antivirus such as Norton Mcafee, or something reputable. Then you’re good to go. The best practice are, don’t click on any link on the email, instead visit the website directly, if you need to click on the link, ensure to move your mouse over to the link first ensure the domain spelled is correct, such as not notice the extra L ? yep that’s the trick to hack your paypal account. It’s not that hard, people just have to be vigilant, similar to walking down the road, you never know if a car will hit you, or someone walk to you and snatch your purse. So practice safety.

how to protect yourself computer mobile device from being hacked especially bitcoin easy way

how to protect yourself computer mobile device from being hacked especially bitcoin easy way

To whom it may concern,

This is a notice related to the bankruptcy proceedings of MTGOX Co., Ltd. (the Tokyo District Court 2014 (fu) no. 3830), which we are sending to you pursuant to the request from the Tokyo District Court.

On July 24, 2014, the Tokyo District Court 20th Civil Division issued an order to change the period for filing proofs of claims and the date for investigation of claims as follows (please refer to the attached file.).
Detailed information for the filing of proofs of claims, including the form of the filing document and the process of the filing will be disclosed through the website of MTGOX Co., Ltd. at a later date. Your patience would be very much appreciated.

(Old Date)
Period for filing proofs of claims: until November 28, 2014
Date for investigation of claims: February 25, 2015 10:00am
(New Date)
Period for filing proofs of claims: until May 29, 2015
Date for investigation of claims: September 9, 2015 1:30pm

This email address ([email protected] ) is used only for the purpose of sending messages, and we are unable to check and respond to any replies to this email address.
Since we plan to provide the information regarding the filing of proofs of claims and the bankruptcy proceedings by posting it on the website hosted by the bankruptcy trustee ( ), please check this website.

Bankrupt MtGox Co., Ltd. Bankruptcy trustee Attorney-at-law Nobuaki Kobayashi

How to turn off Facebook video auto play with one click

Short answer: go to this linkĀ and click on ON/OFF. Done!

Isn’t it annoying that facebook video autoplay everytime you scroll or mouse over? well for the many of us, it is annoying. Sometime we don’t want to see that video auto play and sometime we do. The impact with autoplay also will cause your computer to slow down, error out, due to the computer usage, yeah some of us still have the old computer which is enough for daily usage internet email videos and so on.

For me personally, I don’t really like facebook auto play. Mainly because I’m subscribed to a couple or more fan page that have videos and I want to be in control, be able to play when I want, not all the time with the mouse over. I don’t know why facebook made it as a default to play when you mouse over or scroll to that particular video. Most of the time this caused my browser, Chrome, Firefox, IE, freeze, and that’s not a good thing. Bad functionality facebook! disable it. The majority of the users does not like this option.

how to disable facebook video auto play

how to disable facebook video auto play