appears to be paying its members

After several weeks of negatives feedback reports on many forums blogs and chat room. Look like are paying its members daily.

The new or revised rules has been enforced for sometime now. One account per IP, per household, per address, per credit card. If detect any suspicious activities such as creating multiple account, or login to manage your account from an IP your miner not mining could potentially get you banned, suspended and your earnings will be voided, in other word, your earning of dogecoin coins will get stolen 🙂

The bottom line, at the moment, are paying. However all members should be cautious especially with purchasing a contract, and especially long term contract. Keep in mind that if you paid via Bitcoin, it’s a one way transaction and you cannot ever never dispute to get your money back, it’s gone!. If you’re paying via credit card, keep in mind that there will transaction fees from internal banks, fees for currency exchange, and off course your earning is fluctuated not guaranteed profit. In other word, if you purchase 10 days contract it basically crap!, the profit you’re making goes toward fees and at the end of 10 days you only get your money back, no profit. You need 3 months 6 months contract! uh huh! voila! that’s the trick!

The 3 months, 6 months contract yield you more profit, if the program still existence til then. Again, you cannot dispute or get your fund back if you pay via Bitcoin, your money is gone. If you paid credit, average credit company will allow you to dispute is 30-45days the most, some may allow up to 2 months but very rare. After that period is over, your money is gone, you cannot dispute, but you can still report the merchant as scammer fraud whatever, but probably not going to do anything.  So if you buy 3 months contract, and the program closed ended scam fraud, and if you’re in your one month – you’re a looser!, if you’re in your 2 months, you got your money back!, if you’re in your 3 months, you profit lucky you. There is also a six months, more profit, but the risk is much higher!

Cointellect might last for another 3-4 months, or maybe 1 year, we don’t know. It depend on how much funding they have available to keep it running and most likely they will only run away when they pocket enough money. Until then, people keep on making EUR, hoping not too many get greedy and reinvest and the next they you know is all your earning disappeared back to cointellect pocket LOL 🙂