mining with GPU is a bust! fraud scam

To be fair, I will share a respond from cointellect.

Name: Daniel Filipe Fonseca
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject: CoIntellect
Message: Hello! How are you? I was reading your articles about CoIntellect and I found many inaccuracies.

I realized that you think we are a scam and we are cheating our customers. But that is no true.

I would like you give to us the contradictory. We can make an article for you where we will explain why we are not a scam.

If you prefer, we can do an interview and we will answer all of your questions and doubts.

I will wait for your reply to my message.
Yours Faithfully

Daniel Filipe Fonseca

OK so it’s been over 24 hours and no, it does not work. Basically the GPU have does support cointellect coin miner, it detected the GPU and was using it, it displayed 40kh/s or so and I have it at 85% and the earning is the same ¬†as running just the CPU.

So bottom line, my test proven that said GPU work! they lied, it doesn’t, because not only I tested it, but many other as well. There are a lot of “if” your GPU work on cointellect you could earn a lot more, well the truth is even if you GPU displayed in coin miner cointellect, it doesn’t do anything other than displaying it, and probably wasting a lot of you electricity for nothing.

As a result, I think hashprofit and many similar ones taking advantage of crypto currencies to run their HYIP (high yield investment program). No doubt, is better than hashprofit though, because at least cointellect paid, while hashprofit will not pay you anything until you get them referrals and the referrals purchase something to get your some money, otherwise you will have to pay them a lot of money to withdraw such small amount. Hashprofit no doubt the worst of all, if you’re going with hashprofit, I recommend you to instead. Stay away from