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To be fair, giving a chance to cointellect respond. Here is what I got today.

Name: Daniel Filipe Fonseca
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject: CoIntellect
Message: Hello! How are you? I was reading your articles about CoIntellect and I found many inaccuracies.

I realized that you think we are a scam and we are cheating our customers. But that is no true.

I would like you give to us the contradictory. We can make an article for you where we will explain why we are not a scam.

If you prefer, we can do an interview and we will answer all of your questions and doubts.

I will wait for your reply to my message.
Yours Faithfully

Daniel Filipe Fonseca
Yeah that’s cointellect.com, it’s becoming visible whatever they have planned. A lot of people got good payout or several months, but the earning slightly decreased as time goes by and their website becoming slower and slower, and then frequent maintenance of what we don’t really know. However members tried to contact support and got different responses.

Some members indicated that the earning method has changes earlier today, and will continue to change to adjust to the members reactions. This is now pretty much like those HYIP high yield investment program, where the program or project paid to members great rate for a short period of time and at the same time promote the program everywhere and communicate hourly daily just to gain trust and get many into the program to mine, and then invest 10 days, and reinvest, and invest again to 30 days, 90 days, 6 months.

The 6 months is the one that cointellect will profit and run away as many speculated. While the credit card you’re using, you have the max of 45 days or so to dispute any charges, after that either it’s too late the bank will not reimburse you or the scammer already withdraw all the money and left earth.

The HYIP program projects such as coingeneration.com ipuservices coinbeez and so forth, operate in similar method. However cointellect is a little bit different, the mining software application coin miner, does something, similar to eobot perhaps mining cryptocoins, we don’t know for sure, but the sure thing is mining at this speed will not even yield pennies per day. It’s a gimmicks to suck people into the program believe in it to reinvest, rather than mining, reinvest, and then reinvest and invest more, to the 6 months contract, adter your 30-45days into the contract, cointellect stopped paying you and nothing you can do about it. The owners are anonymous, or piggy ride on a nother real business with no real partnership, as the operators uses fake information identities to run the program. Stolen identities are being sold online, including pictures and selfiies verification, cheap price can get many legit stolen identities to use to commit online fraud.