blocked on black list

You can do this simple check yourself if you have malwarebytes you should already received a blocked message by Malwarebytes because the domain or the web hosting server uses to host malwares trojans viruses hacking stealing your identity and infecting your computer with key logger and trojans.

First, it’s very important to have at least two different types of antivirus installed on your computer. I highly recommend Malwarebytes $30 life time daily update, and $50 of either mcafee, norton, or some other well known brand, at least have two. This should keep your computer safe from an attack or infected with various types of viruses and malwares.

So back to, surely it’s up to no good. Sadly a lot of scam website out there running a scheme similar to HYIP. for instant. They will get you motivated with news update, and pay you greatly! instantly! and then when they realize they profit big or it’s time to lag or not pay anymore, or began their scheme of motivation with fake news make up stories to motivate the members to continue giving them free money. Sadly a lot of people still fall for this scheme and was never able to get their money back because the payment process in use are irreversible. Luckily now the US Fed Government had shut down many such payment processors, such as EGOPay, Perfect Money, Payza and so many many others due to involve with this scheme. Other countries still allowing it to happens, and you’re taking a great risk. blocked by antivirus programs due to hacking attempts with malwares trojans blocked by antivirus programs due to hacking attempts with malwares trojans

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
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C:\Documents and Settings\dt>nslookup
Server: Wireless_Broadband_Router.home

Non-authoritative answer:

C:\Documents and Settings\dt>