Automate MS ACCESS 2010 to run frequently easy in 3 steps

Just in case anyone need this. Basically if you have MS ACCESS queries or Macros scripts whatever that you need to run automatically at certain time frame as frequent as you need, well it’s very easy to do as in three steps.

3 Easy steps with no coding:

  1. Create a Macro object in Access to run all the queries.
  2. Drag the Macro object and drop to the desktop or any folder in Windows Explorer. This creates an “executable” shortcut that opens the database and runs the macro.
  3. Create a new Scheduled Task to launch the shortcut file.

Very simple. If you’re new to Windows Task Scheduler, simply open it and create new task quick basic mode, locate the file executable file and config time date frequencies and you can close Windows Task Schedule, and it will still work no need to leave it on.