[Cleaning up] IPUServices.com forums are back up and running still no Downline Earning yet

Over the past couple of days, IPUservices.com forums was down for maintenance, it is up and running now. The maintenance tied to deleting SPAM post and SPAM account, in addition to implement a few SPAM protections on registration and postings. It is rather strange that we don’t see forummanager online much and all of a sudden he appears, wondering…

I believe IPUServices.com sends out double email for each account saying that the Downline Earning supposed to work within 12 hours. However it’s already been more than 12 hours still now working. OK folks, when they say 12 hours I would say give it a day or 2 before you jump on them. If they say 12 hours, and couple days later still does not work then something wrong, definitely need an update from them on why? it will be professional of them to provides its members update.

There are still high hope for IPUServices.com to work, we will soon find out when members meet their minimum withdrawal payout limit, make a request and see if they get paid. The bottom line now is that, it is running, major improvements. What it’s doing no one really know, but it appears to be Java and similar to Gomezpeer. Gomezpeer is paying by the way, I’m making like $10 a month from them, for basically doing nothing, just let your computer run, and your antivirus and malwares should be one and proactive at all time just in case 🙂