Cryptocoin mining rigs using pcie 1x motherboard properly

Just for your information FYI, if you seen those awesome pictures of how creative people are on customizing their mining rigs for Bitcoin Litecoin and now Dogecoin, with 8 GPUs or more and so on. Don’t you want to create one? but you tried to get more than 3 GPUs but it didn’t work? and you searched around, and possible came to many websites and probably this one. Here are some quick tips for setting cryptocoins mining rigs with more than 3 GPUs.

  1. Use a rise cable. On the fourth rise cable ensue that rise cable is powered, meaning it has a special connector for additional power from your power supply and probably cost a few bucks extra.
  2. Ensure your motherboard PCIe x1 support video card, if not then use a jumper wire to enable it. As shown here on this website:
  3. Ensure you have a good high watts power supply with lots of PCIe power cables and long too.