isn’t working normally slow deposit and trading

For the past few days. It appears that having problems executing orders updates balances on a timely manner. A a couple weeks ago, it was normal, meaning that deposit into was fast, trading to Bitcoin was fast, wothdrawal Bitcoin was fast. Until few days ago, log into account was a challenge, it was slow and sometime and error out many times “security error”, sometime we get 503 error. In addition to when I deposit from my wallet of dogecoin to took a very long time, like 6 hours or so. Then when trading to from dogecoin to bitcoin, the balance did not update instantly when the sell confirmation confirmed but balance still wasn’t showing any Bitcoin. However when we clicked on bitcoin to withdraw, the Bitcoin were there although balance didn’t showed it. Withdrawal bitcoin BTC to coinbase was fast though.

In conclusion, I don’t think it was just me, other members are having the same issue. I noticed some updates in twitter by the owner, which is good. However the update did not specifically address the detail of the problems, but there was and still is problems with not big or small, just long wait but transactions goes through so far. People have a choice since there are many exchanger out there, but I would rather stick just one echanger until it’s totally down or I can no longer trade.