Get latest news updates in regard to Bitcoins

Based on latest news in regard to the famous crypto currency Bitcoin, and all related crypto currencies, do you still have faith in it? Well in any case, there’s a good link to book mark and get all the latest news development in regards to Bitcoin and all crypto currencies. Bookmark this link and check it daily or as frequent as you like, in fact you might be able to create an RSS feeds from it.

Taking the latest news, mtgox halt it’s operations, some even say they’re closing, for whatever issues they have which are not really transparent. Mtgox operation in the USA was closed a bout a year ago, now the only location still operating is in Japan, but they do serve worldwide but limited, such as bank wire withdraw to USA will take 6 months to a year or probably will never get through. Additional news that hurt Bitcoin were many exchange greedy for money involves in money laundering, drugs and smuggling money. Few arrested made recently in USA. The other news, Russia appears to be following China footsteps banning Bitcoin similar to China did, which banned the trade of Bitcoin into cash from banks. Today people can still trade Bitcoin to cash, but being watched closely, and only a few good one such as coinbase, btce nd campbx, but don’t expect these to live long.

Bottom line, crypto currencies will suffer greatly in 2014, maybe at this stage developer need to work harder, help the government to control it with regulation, although it can still remain decentralized. The regulation would involve limitation, tax for earnings similar to capital gain taxes.