Make money using a fast computer to mine bitcoin

As of today 1 bitcoin worth about $30 or so. Just in case you don’t know about bitcoin, it’s a currency, virtual that is, and it is money, many online merchants are accepting it and it is not regulated or control anyway by anybody or government. You can buy bitcoin and sell it. You make bitcoin, you can mine bitcoin with fast computer GPU speed.

If your computer can mine, 1 bitcoin a day, that’s $30 a day, if your computer can mine 10 bitcoin a day, that’s $300 a day you’re making, bitcoin price does go up and now, and apparently now is not a good time to buy, but  a good time to sell and mine, because it’s reach its highest price ever. Whoever have bitcoin might want to cash out, making a ton of money.

There has been reported that the government might get involved and shut down bitcoin, but so far nothing yet, the question is when not if, so bitcoin community better do something about this.

So anyhow, if you have a good graphic card GPU, you can mine bitcoin, basically convert electricity to bitcoin investment 🙂 some people report it’s not a good investments, but many reported they making average 1 bitcoin per day letting their computer run with pool bitcoin mining team. Off course you would need a super fast graphic card GPU speed, as CPU speed will not help much, you can run a celeron CPU but your GPU need to be super strong fast like the Radeon HD 7970

mining bitcoin with fast GPU computer

mining bitcoin with fast GPU computer

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