[Paying] IPU Services going live still scheduled for November 10th or 11th earning software ready for download

The long wait will be over soon. Software will be ready and still be on schedule on November 10th 11th, which is this week end. You can really earn money with your idle process on your computer laptop or even androids and apple ios devices, $0 to $2 depend on your idle resources on the computer. This is better than nothing, as most people always have their computer on all the time for whatever reason. However do not jeopardize your company or work place by installing on each computer, for sure you will get fired and fined. Just be careful, at your own risk. Install on computers not related to your work environment, don’t install on your company network either, it’s a big risk.

You can earn more by signing up to Division Account Manager. Whatever your referrals made you make additional 10%

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November 10th-11th is still looking good for actual launch and no more BETA – All will be LIVE and EARNING.

REFERRALS – For a short period of time, we will allow anyone, at any level, to purchase referrals. We currently have a few thousand available, but they go fast. If you are planning on purchasing, obtain for yourself an EgoPay, Payza, SolidTrustPay, or BitCoin account at Mt. Gox, or pay by Western Union.

SolidTrustPay – Sign up for SolidTrustPay using our referral link – https://www.solidtrustpay.com/ref/115344463 – and use it to upgrade or purchase referrals, and we will credit your account $5. Not much, but something.

Version 2 – NOT BETA – will be downloadable on or around November 10th – we will advise by email when to download. From that point forward, software will never have to be re-uploaded again, as it will self-update.

There are roughly 150 Division Account spots left at this time. Current price to upgrade is $150 for Division. Last 100 spots will be priced at $250. On November 10, Regional Accounts will cost $150.

We need to get to 100,000 members to make this work – everyone, get one person to sign up & we will be over the top.

Thank you, as always. We’re almost there.

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