So many bad news with Bitcoin not a great start for year 2014 so far

Bitcoin doesn’t seem to have a great start of year 2014. In addition to lately more arrest of Bitcoin exchange owners, and the problems Mtgoc sufferings forcing it to freeze all trading and withdrawal. In the end Mtgox loss it’s balance in momentum to be the top.

As of now the top Bitcoin exchange appears to be between BTCe and Coinbase. Hope that Coinbase can stay alive longer, because it has the ACH features which people can sell daily and it will go into bank account within 2-3 days or so, daily cash into your bank is possible via What I’m still not sure about ACH with is, are government or someone monitoring the ACH? let say if there’s a consistent of $200 a day ACH into bank account from Coinbase, will it raise a flag for someone to investigate? I doubt because the amount of $200 daily is nothing more than an average person salary working at a corporation.