The best remote access FREE software is Team Viewer

I believe by now, many computer geeks either heard of Team Viewer or been using it. I, myself been using it for a great while, it’s very useful helpful basic use for me. I use it for accessing remote computers that have no display monitor screen attach to it, mostly machine are mining Bitcoin and Litecoin. It does not matter id you have a static or dynamic IP, don’t matter if you have computer sitting miles away or millions miles away, as long as you have access to the internet, it will find it and connect to it.

Now the free version allow to you operation full functionality for home use not for commercial, no please don’t cheat, if you own a business or work for a company and you use this, it’s illegal so watch out! well most company IT department block out installing new software anyways 🙂 I love this software, it has fail me yet, except one of the remote computer acting up, the OS error I think and could also be Team Viewer not sure yet, so the solution was to have that computer physically get rebooted, then it work again, it happened a few times already just for that computer.

Don’t spend a tons of money on remote access software or use windows remote desktop it’s not really as secure as Teamviewer although both can be access via unsecure connection, but it’s easier to crack hack into windows remote desktop assistance than teamviewer. As windows use default port 3997 or so.