Tigerdirect.com now are accepting Bitcoin as payment method

Well it’s about time. Overstock.com Amazon.com and a few other major online retailer accepted Bitcoin a long time a go. I wonder if Newegg.com accepted Bitcoin yet? or work in progress, because Newegg.com sells a lot of items related to high tech computers and electronics. The market demand is out there.

Anyhow, Tigerdirect.com announced today that they accepted Bitcoin on their website and email notification. I think this is a good decision made by Tigerdirect, it benefit both Tigerdirect and Bitcoin communities. Tigerdirect probably will profit more, more customers. Boost Bitcoin momentum toward being the #1 first virtual coin in the world. There are many other crypto coins, but the BTC is indeed #1, then Litecoin, then lately Dogecoin has been making headline news on top as the most profitable scrypt mining coins to mine, that if you have a good high end gaming graphic card also known as GPU. By the way Bitcoin no longer feasible profitable practical to mine using a GPU or a USB Eruptor or even Antminer 1-2GH/s unless you have hundreds of those which would be a waste of money 🙂 better to get Butterfly Lab 50 Gh/s shipping right away for $900 or so, and many other Bitcoin mining equipment manufacturers are coming out with much higher hash rate than BFL Butterfly Lab.