4th of July is tomorrow are you ready?

No, 4th of July to me is just another day in front of the computer, speculating, researching, observing, blogging, designing, experiment in my basement LOL, hey! everyone has their own ways of fun, at least I smile happy! I don’t need to the beach or partying to laugh and smile and enjoy! I don’t need to have intercourse with strange beautiful girls although tempting LOL, all I need is what I do daily. By the way, I am a married man, have kids and a wife that I spend time with.

OK so, many other people are heading out and about, 3th of July this year as always on a Thursay, meaning people get a 4 days week end off, isn’t that awesome!? Some might be heading toward the beach, some might visit friends and relatives, some will get the best laid they ever have LOL, and some people like me doing stuff around the house or sitting in front of the computer listening to techno dance rave music while blogging hacking cracking LOL, ok so maybe not!

Lots of good movies to watch, for me I have subscription to netflix and we’ve been watching Fringe series, with no commercial lol, back to back episodes with no commercial, I think it’s awesome series with technologically advance scene equipment and off course story line that covered most if not all bizzard cases been recorded, but could be true except for the teleportation 3 dimensional parrallel universe could just be a hypothetical illusive, probably a theory that cannot be tested today but maybe in the future 🙂