BFL refunded me as stated 30-45 days

Well, the good news is BFL say what they on the refund. Basically I purchased a preorder 600gh/s miner Monarch. Reached my six months without delivery, and so I requested the refund. Within 24 hours I received a confirmation on where I should get the money refunded to, I provided. 30 days later, which is today. I got a notification from bank indicating the deposit of wire transfer complete amount.

Bottom line, I’m glad that I got my money back. Up to today, I don’t see indication that BFL ship any 28nm mining rig yet. In fact, we don’t really know if those updates are real that they’re testing the 28nm ASIC chips, final stage, getting ready for shipping. Even if it’s true, I don’t see how BFL can compete with other miners already out, such as the S2 miner, 1TH/s althought 1000watts power usage but the price is a lot cheaper, people can get 1TH/s for as cheap as $1500. While BFL price for the 600gh/s in the $2500 back order. So paying a little more in electricity but paying cheaper can have some advantage in mining more Bitcoin.