Bitcoin difficulty level at 2193847870.17 that’s 2.2 billion

Previously Bitcoin BTC difficulty was at half of 2.2 billion, it had doubled within two weeks. The next difficulty level will not be so kind either, it will probably doubled every time, especially when the new chips with staggering mining speed hit the market. We’re talking about BFL with 600 gh/s, Fasthash Cointera and AMT with speed beyond 1 terahash (1 TH/s) The difficulty will probably tripled or more. While the BTC price value stayed below $800 and it’s going down further and further back to $500 and even less to maybe $100. There just a lot of bad news, including the China news about not allowing Bitcoin exchange from bank, but not totally banned so people still can play around with it. As here in the US and Europe, there has been a lot of development on Bitcoin merchants such as ATM machine. Also many online retailers are accepting Bitcoin now such as recently. However this doesn’t really boost the Bitcoin price up, it actually went down as of now below $800.

Conclusion, as Bitcoin price value goes down and heading down. The mining difficulty risen, doubled. The impact we will see, Bitcoin manufacturer will see slow down in sales, so what will happen is these manufacturer have bitcoin miner on hand on the shelf but no buyer so they will mine Bitcoin with it, therefore either way it will push the Bitcoin mining difficulty to the predicted #. If Bitcoin value price doesn’t pick up, no one will make money off of it. This will probably effect alternative coins also such as Litecoin LTC which has a ration of 100 % align with Bitcoin. While other scrypt mining coins such as Dogecoin strange enough it gone up to be top coins to scrypt mine daily.