Cryptsy continues to have deposit problems with Dogecoin “Ticket Received – [#] dogecoin deposit”

This is not the only time and I’m sure will not be the last. Cryptsy claimed that they’re updating the servers. Well I see this message all the time. Bottom line, this is not the first time my dogecoin deposit still has no shown up yet in cryptsy despite support ticket just created a few moments ago and it’s been over 10 hours since I initiated the deposit.

The auto respond ticket I got below. I read it fully, specifically to the deposit delay possibilities, well! it doesn’t applied to me because I’ve been using cryptsy for over 3 months and I have daily deposit and at the beginning it was great! I quit bter and coins-e because they were never able to sell my coins, so I moved to cryptsy was great for a while. Then just recently every deposit takes over 8 hours, specifically to this one taken over 10 hours and I don’t think it will be my cryptsy balance any time soon.

Cryptsy need to fix this problem. If a business claimed to be #1 alt coin exchange then act like one. Notice that this business Cryptsy claimed that they’re #1 exchange for alternative coins on the internet but apparently they don’t act like one. Fix the deposit problem! it’s been way too long overdue! online alternative coins bitcoin dogecoin exchange have continous terrible long delays in deposit of coins online alternative coins bitcoin dogecoin exchange have continous terrible long delays in deposit of coins

From: <[email protected]>
Sent: Saturday, February 8, 2014
Subject: Ticket Received – [#] dogecoin deposit

Dear *,

We would like to acknowledge that we have received your request and a ticket has been created with Ticket ID – .
A support representative will be reviewing your request and will send you a personal response.(usually within 24 hours).

To view the status of the ticket or add comments, please visit

Currently the most common support issues:
New users and how to deposit BTC and other coins to your account

We recommend you purchase your Bitcoin from one of the the following Bitcoin merchants below as they have been proven to be trustworthy and reliable.
Campbx US
Coinbase US
BTC-e Russian
MtGox Japanese

Once you have purchased your Bitcoin (BTC) from one of the sites above, or from any other source,
please follow these simple steps to add your BTC or any coin to your Crypsty account.

1. Login to your Crypsty Account
2. Click on your balances tab
3. Click the BTC or other currency Action button
4. Choose Deposit
5. Generate address and send the coin to that address.

New User Registration Issues
Make sure you fill in all the fields and avoid non standard characters.
Make sure you are filling in the Captcha correctly.
Security errors or errors in general due to the heavy load. (If you get an error, please refresh and try again)

If you have a deposit issue please include the following adding this information will help us resolve your ticket more quickly and efficiently:
Reason for ticket
Transaction ID (TXID) of the deposit (If your pool didn’t provide one you need to contact them for it)
The coin type BTC, LTC, ETC
Amount deposited.

Keep these things in mind with deposits:

Trust Scores
New user confirms can take up to 1.5x longer than trusted users. y
Your trust score builds over time with the more transactions you make and other criteria.
This process is in place to prevent 51% attacks and double spends keeping everyone’s coins safe from fraud.

Out of date or out of sync wallets particularly Infinitecoin (IFC) .You will need to make sure your wallet is in sync
with the network and that your wallet is the latest version. (If your wallet is not the latest version, your transactions will not post)

We are experiencing some delays with wallets due to large amount of deposits.

User did not confirm the withdrawl email.
To resend a confirmation, go to the bottom of your balance page and resend the confirmation email
If you hit enter, the email will NOT be sent. You must click the link to send
Want to cancel an unconfirmed withdrawl? You can do this on the balance page at the bottom with the cancel option
Tradekeys are for user to user transfers on cryptsy only. You have to use an address to send coins to locations outside of cryptsy.
Not seeing it at your wallet but you see it in the block chain? Make sure your wallet is up to date with the latest version and in sync with the network.

Cancellations after trade or purchase not posting right away:
Wait a bit they will pop back in 99% of the time
If they don’t after 60 minutes I wouldn’t wait longer put in a ticket with a description of your issue and we will manually audit your account which fixes the issues 100% of the time

What are our fees?
Our fees are listed on every trade page 0.3% to sell and 0.2% to buy
Withdraw fees are based on the coin and what it costs to send that coin into the chain

Scams abound!
Watch our for trading software that isn’t well known or accepted from trusted sources. We have confirmed one contains a keylogger
automatic bitcoinbot v4.5 it is a keylogger
Watch out for sites that are not Cryptsy there are some fake ones out there that steal your information and all others kinds of bad things.
Verify you have our certificate from Project investors inc.

Your coins are safe with Crypsty and thank you for choosing the #1 altcoin exchange service.

Thanks again for using


Thank you for your patience.

Tickets Support Team