[EGOPAY closing] Forced by USA regulations and complaint filed of SCAM using EGOPAY!

Just in case you don’t know. EGOPAY being forced to closed, at least from the USA. EGOPAY has been doing SCAM business mostly gambling and HYIP. High Yield Investments programs such as after90days.org, topcapitalist.com, geniuscapital.net and so, all these online scam operates using EGOPAY and similar payment processors to take people’s money, and it’s a one transaction, no such thing as dispute or report the business whom use egopay as scam. That was how bad it was, now from many complaint www.ic3.gov Federal regulation now forced EGOPAY to closed, and probably seeing some fine! soon. Some say EGOPAY is Payza sub company, but probably not.

EGOPAY was popular in coingeneration.com, this is an example to prove any online business using EGOPAY as payment accepted for investment programs, chances are, 99% of them are all gambling related investments, anonymous, and ponzi scheme scam.

From: EgoPay Team <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2014
Subject: EgoPay U.S. citizens accounts about to be closed


Dear ,
Due to the current United States laws, all EgoPay accounts that belong to U.S. Citizens/Residents/U.S. Companies will be locked on the 28th of March. You can still implement your operations the same as before until 14th of March. Please note, that after 14th of March you will not be able to receive any funds and will only have an option to send or withdraw your funds.
Please manage your payments and withdraws in time.
Please remember that EgoPay will never attach files, ask you to click links or provide personal information via e-mail.