Four people got stabbed onboard an Amtrak train for just doing nothing

Indeed a crazy world we live in. Four people got stabbed by a man onboard an AMTRAK train. These people are just passengers and also one conductor. The conductor is just like the rider, except his or job collecting tickets. The engineer however is the pilot or the driver of the train, safely locked inside similar to airplane cockpit.

It does’t matter where in world. This could happens anywhere, anytime, anybody… and the situation doesn’t have to be necessary stabbings; it could be shooting, fighting, arguing turns violently, fatal accidents, and more.

So you’re thinking of staying in door? think twice, but then it could be a little bit safer in some ways. Staying indoor still you can have the roof falling on top of you, airplane crashed into your house, house fire, robbery, hackers hacking your computer financial information, mail bomb, drive by shooting and so on. It could also be that you stayed inside the house the whole day, but as soon as you stepped outside to get your mail, bad luck came, you tripped all fall hurt yourself or a car hit you by accident. The risk are there, but to certain level of risks can be rated.