GPU cryptocoin miners suffering loss are worries about ASIC scrypt

ASIC scrypt has been shipping for quite a while now, just that the price isn’t cheap yet, however as more manufacturer are shipping, the price will go down. In addition to KNC and there might be other larger ASIC scrypt manufacturer also are aiming to make scrypt miner that mine in the hundreds of Megahash scrypt. Apparently this has an impact to the current GPU mining community whom are mining scrypt today and also scrypt-n as well are worries. The worries due to the fact that once these ASIC scrypt miners came out and littered everywhere, GPU mining will be obsolete because GPU uses a lot of power, but still have value in the end, while the ASIC is a piece of metal if it can no longer yield any profit.

I’ve seen, and also confirmed in forums and chat room that people are selling their scrypt miners rigs, mostly GPUs, on ebay, on craigslist, on forums, and chat room, everywhere where they can sell it. Sell it as soon as possible, and for those folks that gain $10k after the sell might consider pre-order the KNC Scrypt ┬áminer which will ship mid this year or end of this year who knows, but I think the wait will be worth it. However I would not recommend anyone to buy this preorder KNC Scrypt miner or any other manufacturer, with their credit card, or the money that they plan to use for something else soon, highly not recommend anyone to that, it’s a bad idea. If you can cover the preorder price of $10k after selling all your current mining rigs then go for the pre-order, I think it’s totally worth it.

For current scrypt and scrypt-n and other factors of scrypt, you can still mine, if you don’t pay for electricity (free electricity) or if you have one or two rigs which doesn’t use much power, which doesn’t make much money either, however in a long run, saving your bitcoin who knows maybe a couple of years or more from today, those 4 bitcoin you made could be $4000 or $40,000 who knows, but it could worth nothing as well.