How to survive heat wave 2013

Short answer: Turn on the AC at 80 degree and keep it running, ensure your room is sealed tight, heat cannot get in and cool air cannot get out. Your AC unit will recycle the air, so don’t worry about bad air pollution.

What? you don’t have an AC? – turn on the fan, if you have two fan then circulate the air, not fanning one area, but circulate it. OK, so you only have one fan, don’t worry you will survive with one fan, just sit tight, rest don’t move too much, drink plenty of fluid.

What? you don’t have a fan or electricity? – go to your nearest mall. No mall? ok go to your local nearest groceries store. No? ok go to your local nearest convenient store. No? ok to your nearest family relatives or friends.

What? none of the above. OK so you must be living somewhere rural. If in the green vegetation area you should be fine in the shade. As for folks in the desert, good luck! LOL ok just kidding, in the desert just stay cool, don’t do anything just drink water, if you don’t have water, then call 911 for rescue 🙂 Don’t worry! we’re in America, just call 911 a tons of COPS will stop by and help you, they have nothing to do! LOL

In all seriousness, heatwave are dangerous, please ensure to keep yourself cool, there are lots of places even your neighbor will let you stay with them until heat wave is over, we’re in American most if not all the majority of the people are very nice helping others.

how to survive the heat wave 2013

how to survive the heat wave 2013

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