Is there any good news at all lately?

When was the last time you heard of good news? – yeah me neither, all news are bad? could be! what happen to the good news, news? How about start a new TV station or radio station or website that broadcast good news, only good news? oh yeah, it’s already out there on the internet. Even for me working from home, I don’t have good news much either, however I tried to smile and laugh as much as I can, life is short, why the sorrow, why hurt people, why being selfish, why stay inside all the time, why stay poor, why be nice? and many many more?

What’s my point here? – For ever good news there are bad news, bad news for good news to come, there is a balance of life, and the cycle will keep on repeating non stop from generation to generation, century to centuries will never end as long as human kind roam the Earth. Talking about Earth, how do we know that we’re the only human kind in the universe!? that’s right! we don’t. We can only assume, as we do not have the technology to explore other stars out there yet, maybe a century from today we would be able to. Look at Columbus, he discovered America traveling for almost a year to get there, with today’s technology from Spain to America as fast as one hour with the fastest airplane faster than the speed of sound. So let’s do the math, if it will take us 4-6 months to get to mars, mean that a century or decade from today, we could be able to travel to Mars within one hour? you betcha! technology and everything are improving.