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I just got a check about $300 from Linkshare, this is one month worth of activities. Linkshare just a quick summary, affiliate network of mostly online store, from foods products to electronics gadgets that need your help to promote and in return you get commission. It really work and you can make money. The potential is unlimited.

Some of my previous blog entries, I indicated various ways to make money, the most popular one I recommended was google adsense, but they have a lot of rules policy you must follow and comply, and once they banned your account, it’s gone for every, next to impossible to get it reinstated anytime soon. The next most popular one beside being a publishers is to be an affiliate, promotes products and get paid by commission. If I can do it, you can do it, I started this blog not so long ago, being a non-native English speaker, I still spend a bit of time blogging daily, trying to get people like you reading and hopefully something interest you to click on some ads somewhere here on this page LOL.

Bottom line, blogging can still make money, in fact, some average blogger can make more money than a journalist working for news agencies.

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