Our skies will be littered with drones coming soon

Amazon announced while back, trying to deliver your products via drones. First of all, I would like to say or answer the most famous technical question of all. Too many drones out there will crashes into each other, well folks, if you’re into technology you would probably figure out the answer. Drones are high tech flying machine, when we talk about high tech equipment, we probably already know that it has sensors, GPS navigator, and so on.

Take the prototype google car for example, it has hundreds upward to thousand cameras and sensors, including GPS navigation. It got into two accidents, and the accident was not caused by google car by another car hitting it. So now let’s look back at the drones, you don’t think the drones has cameras and sensors? so yeah, not easily will bump into another drones that easily, and off course whatever delivery business using the drones would need to map out safety flight path comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

This is the new era of delivery. I can foresee many will be out of jobs, specially to those pizza delivery folks, usps, ups, fedex, dhl, messenger service, drug dealers and so on. Most if not all will be eventually out of job, the machine will be taking over, and most likely will cause chaos, human will attack these drones, but for sure there will be fine for destroying, consider as destroying other people’s property, in this case the drones could cost upward thousands of dollars and possible jail time, and don’t try to get away, because you can’t, this machine has many cameras and sensors, you are being recorded. So yeah, I think it will work out.