Perk TV cancelled Rewards for Verizon Fios Static IP

I have came across many forums and blogs that talks about Perk TV, and there has been a lot of negative comments about Perk TV, although there are some positive.

Let start with the positive comments, well kind of. A few people are saying it’s the Perk TV farm people are destroying the infrastructure of Perk TV. Meaning running multiple devices (5) some using fast forward or some kind of macros similar to Perk to auto click YES still watching or simply by resetting the cache and data from their phone every 1 hour or so to prevent popup asking for YES. These are the folks that are trying to maximize the earning by finding loop holes and so on. I think this is true that these people are really destroying PERK TV business, eventually the points earned will be less and less and eventually will go away. The same # of advertisers stay consistent, but the # of Perk TV devices or people watching it increased, therefore the earning has to be decreased to keep up with the advertisers paid to watch.

Now the negative side. A lot more people felt the opposite of the above, and in addition to the point of this blog.

  • A lot of people feel that Perk TV are getting paid from advertisers consistently and more and more advertisers are being added as many already seen it by watching the app trailers, movies trailers, popular videos and so on. There are always new video clips, this proven that Perk TV are making more money but appears to be paying members watching it less.
  • Now come the reward cancelled. Reward cancelled due to many reasons and it include for no reason, kind of, Perk TV reserve the right to cancel your reward due to whatever they will not say. Many reasons are legitimate and some are not. When members tried to resolve, sometime it takes days and weeks, and the Government Identification for some people it’s ok, for many think its private information should only be given a copy to law enforcement and government agencies. Showing your ID is different from making a photo copy and send it to someone, in this Perk TV.
  • VPS and Proxies should get reward cancelled, many would agreed. However static IP given by your ISP should not be.
    • Lately a lot of members whom are using Verizon Fios business account with static IPs, meaning a group of static IP was given by Verizon Fios range from 10-60 for example, 455.45.45.10 to 455.45.45.60 and each apartment have one static IP assigned or per office or desktop computer router etc. Basically each user have their own unique static IP. Somehow PERK TV does not like this or got flagged and Reward Cancelled, there are folks that ran into this problem with $50 reward cancelled and was never able to resolve, Perk TV simply say they need the person’s Government ID for verification. The user didn’t do anything wrong, it’s the IP address that got flagged.
    • Others with static IP might experience same problem and Perk TV is not helping to resolve. Perk TV system for reward cancelled for many of these members are simply ridiculous and they’re not changing their anti-fraud system for this, and in fact there are more and more anti-fraud being added and many of legitimate members are being impacted.
    • The sad thing about this is that some members been Perk TV for months to get $50 and when reward requested, it got cancelled and the members spent numerous hours waiting days and weeks and in the end gave up, loss $50 and so many valuable time with Perk TV get nothing in reward. These are concerns Advertisers to Perk TV should look into, otherwise it’s scam fraud on Perk TV stealing member’s earning.
Perk TV cancelled member's reward earning for using static IP given by ISP such as verizon fios business static IP

Perk TV cancelled member’s reward earning for using static IP given by ISP such as verizon fios business static IP