Same sex marriage who cares!?

Let’s talk about that. To me, same sex marriage, don’t care, don’t mind. Why? pretty soon this planet so call Earth will eventually have more alien lives among us, so I wouldn’t see same sex marriage is a problem, oh I get it, religious people? yeah sure whatever, I heard that before, priest , monk and highly religious people don’t make mistake huh? yeah sure what ever.

Bottom line, eventually in the future we would not even care about gender, if we do care, then we better start adding more options to select, – male, female, bisexual, lesbian, alien, homo-sexual, don’t know, undecided, in progress of sex change, and son and so forth. Due to the wonderful of technology surgeons can do a sex change for you in a day or so, and plastic surgery for you to look like anyone you wish, so what’s the point of having a gender? gender in the future will probably have a different definition.

Anyhow, I don’t think same sex marriage is a problem, we have more better things to do then spend too much time on this issue, just let it go through, but keep the integrity of public presence, meaning please don’t expose yourself naked running around or having sex kissing in public, please respect that! Thanks!