The latest on how to overclock your S1 Bitmain Bitcoin miner safely

The short answer is:

  1. Use ssh like putty to ssh into the S1 Bitmain miner.
  2. Type cd /etc/config then press enter
  3. Type in vim asic-freq then press enter
  4. Press Insert key on your keyboard
  5. Use arrow and enter and tab to move around, add the following:

option ‘freq_value’ ’5f05′
option ‘chip_freq’ ’393.75′
option ‘timeout’ ’36′

Ensure to hash# out all those other options.

Press Esc, then type in :wq then press enter

Type Exit then reboot the S1 miner.

Check your miner status tab, the freq now should be 393 and the temperature should be 50 or lower, higher temperature running for long time might damage the chips, add extra fan if you can, push and pull air same direction.

This work great for me, and I did it multiple times testing and the end result I got 8 s1 miner up and running with 200gh/s. My next todo would be to integrate the fan to the blade fan power connector and make it spin 100% instead of being controlled by the blade or controller.

It is definitely worth it to overclock it. Unless you pay 50 cent per kilowatts power usage per hour. I’m currently paying 12 to 13 cent per kilowatts. the 20GH/s help. Total of 1.6TH/s for my 8 S1 miner, which I will be putting up on ebay for sell soon, like in a couple weeks, then use the money to buy another miner, better.


S1 Bitmain Bitcoin miner overclock safely easily with putty ssh

S1 Bitmain Bitcoin miner overclock safely easily with putty ssh