Tigerdirect.com TigerPay and back order problem

Tigerdirect.com have an ongoing issue with items not in stock, not available, available at store only. This is bad business. One day I stumbled on Tigerdirect.com website to buy a few video cards. Then I saw the promotional offers with TigerPay. The promotion offers on TigerPay when I applied said purchase of $999 or more get 12 months no interest if paid in full, So I applied and got approved for $1200.

Off shopping I go, and placed a few orders of Video cards and motherboard, total of $1051.00 I should get qualified for the $999 purchase or greater get the 12 months no interest right? Yeah sure! it didn’t happen.

My tigerdirect order 2 items shipped, 2 items have all back order status, and 1 item simply have no status, and so I gave them a couple days before I contact them. Few days passed, I received two items, set it up work fine. 2 more item still says all back order, and 1 item simply have no status. So I contacted Tigerdirect via chat, and they told it will ship Saturday. So waited til Sunday and went back to tigerdirect.com website to check the status it still says back order and the other item still have no status. The following week on Wed. I went back and check status, I noticed the item have no status just shipped, the 2 item back order still says all back order, so I contacted Tigerdirect again, with no luck they say the same thing, it will ship soon back order coming in.Then few days I received my no status item, but the back order items still hasn’t shipped. At the same time, I went into my TigerPay account to check the charge, and I was shocked! to see, the charge were separate for each items shipped, so look like what happened was, they charged me on my TigerPay card when item shipped, therefore the total of $1051 was not charged as a purchase, now it looks like separate purchase and I don’t see no promotion offers or any indication of deferred so call interest. I messages TigerPay, they told me to ask Tigerdirect, I message Tigerdirect they ask me to ask TigerPay going back and forth.

At the same time checking the status on my back order again, and indeed still says back order, ok I’m a little bit irritated. I called Tigerdirect this time on the phone, and after a few transferring, they transferred me to someone at the product department and I ask him to substitute my back order with a new item, and he said he will make a separate invoice purchase for it and cancel the other one. Then I said wait! if he does that then my purchase would not equal to over $999 in order to get no interest 12 months offers. So he fixed it for me by deleting the item and replacing it with the new item. Several days later, I got the new item and the order invoice was completed and still above $1000 that qualified me for 12 months no interest meeting the requirement promotional offer of a purchase.

I gave TigerPay a call after being pushed around back and forth from TigerPay to Tigerdirect. The customer rep at TigerPay very nice, he did his best, and he helped me creates a dispute that I should get deferred interest, he submitted the request to Tigerdirect, and will have to wait 30 up to 60 days for result. So the wait continue. What will happen during this period I’m sure I would have to make the first monthly minimum interest, then if the dispute approved I should get no interest for 12 months. If not then I should get an explanation why I don’t qualified then if I feel that it’s fair then I would have to pay off the amount, that’s just me. For others, I bet they would be thinking of suing TigerDirect or TigerPay for not being more transparent and use the correct wording, such as what is a purchase? Is a purchase an item? or a purchase of one total purchase with many items total the purchase? The other question, maybe their system isn’t synchronizing working properly! The charges were separate as they ship. Don’t really know.

Anyhow here is the TOS or agreement from TigerPay application indicate clearly 12 months no interest for purchase $999 or more.

Tigerdirect TigerPay not honor deferred interest promotion misleading information

Tigerdirect TigerPay not honor deferred interest promotion misleading information

 TigerDirect TigerPay misleading information on deferred interest no interest for 12 months promotional