TV shows short segments strategy to get you watch the whole show

I noticed that most daily TV shows, short segments one such as Maury show, Steve Wilkos and so on, these short segments TV show will get you hooked watching the whole show. How do they do it? very smart strategy, although some of the segments are repeated over and over again with only a couple new one. What they do is, for instant, the Maury show [DNA test and lie detector test show], the guest would take DNA test or lie detector test before the show, then they tell their side of the story, and then come the DNA test result or lie detector test result, but guess what? they cut that segment off with a commercial, but when the commercial end, they play a different segments and return the results toward the end, this is very irritating and distracting, but it does forced you to watch the whole show, because you want to find out the result, some people like me, think the Maury show sucks because the way they stage the segments to be played, don’t like it.