Will year 2015 a better year for Bitcoin 2014?

2014 was the worst year for Bitcoin investment. No doubt anyone into Bitcoin would know that year 2014 was not a year for Bitcoin. Hope 2015 will be better.

It’s hard to say. No one can really predict the price of bitcoin. It’s not like stock market or other funds can be a little bit more predictable. Not with Bitcoin. Maybe because Bitcoin is so young that it still need time to mature?

Well if I recall back correctly, Bitcoin was born back in 2008, and it’s been 4 years +, it went from pennies to dollars then to the 100s then 200s then 500s and peak at about 1100. Then from there on, it start dropping slow. Within the year 2014 itself, dropped from 1100 down to $300 today. The blame was speculated to be the failure of mtGOX, but many others don’t believe so. It’s more of the volatile of Bitcoin price, unpredictable as of this day.

So what can help bitcoin price to jump? a few things that we may know would be if developments on how to take advantage of bitcoin could give bitcoin a boost. For example if ebay, paypal, microsoft, google and yahoo are to take advantage of bitcoin such as accepting it as payment source then we could see a big boost on bitcoin price. However if there are more criminal activities than positive developments on bitcoin then we may see bitcoin dying again.

In 2015 what can we see Bitcoin price be like? realistic answer is we don’t know. Nobody was able to predict the price of Bitcoin accurately, there just isn’t enough data yet, or maybe data is available but we don’t know how to use the data to make the prediction. The chances are 50/50. Meaning 50% chance in 2015 it will go down to $100, the 50% chance it will go back up to $800 the most again, but not $1000. Bitcoin could be at $1, or $1000 within 12 months, no one know. It is the reason why not too many investors are willing to take this risk at this time.