yahoo mail is https secured just in case many don’t know

A while ago, yahoo email was not secure, http vs https, now it’s https. So gmail was secure https so is yahoo, so don’t try to switch back and forth.stick with one 🙂 whether it’s yahoo or gmail, they both offer competitive functionality, so don’t worry. Don’t hop, hopping is not a good idea, stick with one. If one of them saw something need to be fix or improve, they will do it, because they do not want to loose any prospective customers at all, so they will get it fixed or improved.

As always, when reading email, never ever click on link from the site, unless you know exactly it’s the correct website by moving your mouse cursor over the link and look at the bottom left you will see the link actual http link url, *** ensure it is the correct domain *** sometime there are tricks when you quickly look at the link but not knowing it’s a fake website due to incorrect spelling of the website such as vs. can you spot the wrong spelling if you just briefly look at it? you see it’s fake easily tricking you. So becareful!