Happy birthday to my daughter Dahlia yesterday 10/10 small party but fun

Well yesterday was my daughter’s birthday 10/10, we had a small party where she had cake, I gave her $50 savings and wife gave her some books, no presents from anyone else because no one else know :). Funny we asked her to make a wish, she did but she made the wish out loud LOL, kids! well she’s like me a little slow and a little bit shy, but all I hoping for is she has good health, and contribute good deeds to the world, she doesn’t have to be a surgeons makes lots of money, but just enough money to have a happy family of her own later in life. We started Gerber life insurance and college plan for her and also had some bonds purchased. I’m sure it will come handy one day, I’m thinking of increasing my life insurance, just in case I died she will have a bit money to live happily, the best and least I can do 🙂 Happy birthday Dahlia.