New HYIP Cryptocoins SCAM

OK folks, here we go again. New strategies taking advantage of the cryptocoins communities. I hope nobody is falling for this type of scam. This is the new HYIP project, and there are many similar to this. Not just but there are and there will be a lot more coming your way.

HYIP is high yield investment program. In other word, by word of mouth, by trust, scam to be exact; give me $2 and I will double your money in certain amount of time. In this case, give me $2 and you will get $4 back in 100 hours. is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies  fraud is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies  fraud hoax is ponzi scam stealing your dogecoin bitcoin cryptocurrencies fraud hoax

Most if not all HYIP scam like, obtained a virtual office with support phone #, office addresses and even show case in cryptocoins meeting or convention center. Guess what? that’s a hoax too, either by photoshop or a quick snap shot of the location with their banner on someone else’s booth then roll it up and left the premises in an instant, then posted online saying “we gave a speech at the convention center” or business meeting is the proof. It’s funny that coingeneration uses photoshop to make a generic office room wall pictures with their own logo or pictures. Within a few hours many people spotted the fake picture and just putting level of scam up higher.

Today coingeneration website still exist, and the owner used fake identification including financial information belong to a stolen identity person. The sad thing about this is that only small percentage of people realized this scam before putting any money in it, the rest just fell for the scam, or think they’re smarter and can beat the system. The result most will fail and looses all their money.

So back to this new HYIP via cryptocoins Let just say if you’re thinking about putting your money into this, I highly recommend putting it on cointellect it will last longer. If you put your money on I can assure you will loose your money pretty fast. This gambling. You make a bet to double your money, the owner of the scam website will manage your fund, determine whether to give you back your money or not, or run away, and just simply ignore you don’t respond to you or anything like that. No matter how many email support your send to them, they will simply will not respond. Guess what? You can’t do a damn thing about it. You cannot report to authority, even if you do, authority will not take any action at all. The scammer will LOL at you for being an idiot.

scammer like is probably not the first, there are many other out there. You might be smart not to fall for the scam, but a few will fall for this scam from and many like it.

In the past with HYIP, people were using OKpay, EGOpay, and many other virtual currencies for online gambling, these currencies only have one way transaction. You will never be able to get your money reversed, or refund, that is impossible. It is the reason why many of these currencies were banned from many countries such as the US and so on.

Today the scam is simply using straight virtual currencies and even worst, you just simply looses your money just like that, not a damn thing you can do about it.

I hope people are not falling for these new types of scam on hyip virtual currencies (cryptocoins). It’s better to hold on to your cryptocurrencies save it in a safe place and look back at it a few years later, than spending your time to gamble making bet that you have 0% chance of winning in the end. The winner will always be the scammers in the end. So don’t try.