Bitcoin BTC difficulty level rise to 15,605,632.6813 previous at 12,xxx,xxx

Loosing faith with Bitcoin mining yet? With all the problems happenings or had happened such as dwolla got shut down doing business with mtgox, liberty reserve got shut down by FBI, OKpay also shut down its operation with mtgox, and eventually all existing or new exchanges for BTC bitcoin crypto currencies will get shut down also. On top of that Bitcoin BTC value has been going down from 130 to 110s up to 120s couple days and we thought it stable guess not!.

With all the above happenings, the worse part is level of difficulty rise significantly from 12 to 15 that’s 3 million from previous #. So it’s very bad news for GPU miner, it is no longer much profitable to mine Bitcoin with GPU hardware, as many manufactures are manufacturing ASIC miner such as the BFL jalapeno, USB Erupter, are being shipped and people are now mining with less power consumption but higher rate of hashing power, it’s no electric bill just Bitcoin profit into cash, that is nice! while GPU miner are now struggling to make a few decimal point Bitcoin daily but in the end barely enough to pay for electric bill and the expense or cost of the GPU hardware. Now is a good time to sell your GPU before it’s too late, people will flood ebay with GPU for sale will drive the price down deeply, so think of that. Sell youf GPU now and buy ASIC miner if you still want to be in the game.

The alternative is to mine alternative crypto coins, such Litecoin LTC, the next in line following BTC, but LTC doesn’t look that great either! Probably it’s true, the end of mining crypto currencies are near!