Bitcoin Difficulty 707,408,283 a increased of 100 Million from 607 Million to 707 Million

OK so the Bitcoin price sticking around at $1000 so far, however it does appears to remains steady but some drop here and there to 900s and 1000s. With the Bitcoin price rise steady, it helps out the miners quite a bit. As more and more equipment are being use to mine Bitcoins the level of difficulty will only get higher and higher making weak Bitcoin miner equipment going obsolete such as the 5GH Jalapeno from BFL no longer practical profitable to purchase and mine. Even with a singe 30GH/s can’t do much.

More and more Bitcoin miner are purchasing new equipment, faster and stronger and cheaper. New Manufacturer of Bitcoin miner are popping up all over and selling pre-order really cheap, cheaper and more reliable than Butterfly Labs BFL, which has terrible reputation on their delivering date, never able to commit and sometime one year of delay, that’s right one year of DELAY from BFL butterfly labs.