Bitcoin mining level of difficulty had increased to 11,187,257.4614

That’s an increased of over 1 million from previous level of difficulty, now if we plugged it into a Bitcoin calculator, we would notice that we’re not making money or should I say making a lot less money, in addition the Bitcoin value hasn’t been going up much, it’s between 90s to 110s. It’s been months and the value isn’t going anywhere.

Loosing hope? yes if spent a bunch of money on mining rigs including buying the latest model of ASIC BFL, don’t expect those getting ship anytime soon, and if you ever get them, by that time the level of difficulty will be so high that your Jalapeno 5gh/s ain’t gonna make you a dime, become useless and your Single SC will be making $1  a day LOL, so be careful, don’t spent too much, it’s a big risk now, if you take a big risk, you would be loosing big time or you could be making it big, so watch for the risk, as many might say, only spend what you can afford to loose 🙂