Confirmation that are doing Litecoin and Bitcoin mining on your computer

I just came across a forum that confirmed are using your computer to perform Litecoin and Bitcoin mining, and they’re sharing a profit of it to you. The software I believe are pretty simple, calculate the computer speed, calculate the current Litecoin/Bitcoin price, and do some math to get the daily – hourly – money $ you can generate, and off course, a portion of the profit goes to the developer eobot, so who’s the winner?

The winner is both side, you don’t have to worry about running or managing Litecoin/Bitcoin software yourself or have to sell Litecoin and Bitcoin, you just run eobot software, your computer CPU/GPU heat up and use a ton of electricity, you get paid and sometime enough to cover for electricity cost, sometime you loose, sometime you make money depend on the price of Litecoin and Bitcoin. I think the big winner is they don’t pay for electricity, they just develop and manage the software and monitor it, and off course take a portion of how much Litecoin/Bitcoin your computer mine. It is legit and straight up.

However I think you’re better off doing the Litecoin/Bitcoin mining yourself. Go to and to learn. All the litecoin/bitcoin you make you pocket them all. 🙂