Is it worth to buy USB Eruptor or FPGA Bitcoin mining today?

Well today is June 20th 2013, and mtgox indicate Bitcoin is up a little bit. As the BTC Bitcoin difficulty level rise and continue to rise, and will double and triple and will quad tripple if all the ASIC miners shipped. Butterfly Labs started shipping already on their Jalapenos 5GH/s a lot of them, and 3 mini rigs which will bring the network up to 3 Terahash easily. You know what? I will not be surprise if those mini rigs they make has been ready for shipping for a long time, but they just use it to make money for themselves until the level of difficulty increased then they ship it to the customers.

Anyhow, the question is, is it worth it to buy the USB Eruptors and FPGA asic so call mining? the answer, NO! NO! it’s not, since it’s been confirmed that ASIC are being shipped and new Bitcoin mining hardware are being manufacture which will mine at an incredible speed of at least 350GH/s for about $1k to $2k such as the one from KNCMINER and BFL are working on new generation also, but when will they ship is the question, just know that it exist and being manufacture, and I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s another Butterfly Labs. The USB Eruptors and FPGAs miners mine at a very slow speed, 333mh/s for the USB eruptors and the FPGA quad miner something and similar miner only mine at 800mh/s, this is nothing compare to the cheapest Jalapenos from BFL which cost about $200 while back and shipping now that can mine 5GH/s. So by doing simple math, dollars per mh/s and value of Bitcoin at the moment, you will be loosing money even out if Bitcoin price go up again if you’re lucky.

Forget about GPU mining, sell your equipment immediately or switch over to Litecoin mining, even with Litecoin, you’re not making much money unless you own the GPUs not on credit card or something, and the electricity is free $0, then you can mine litecoin, but so for Bitcoin.