There are people out there that run 100s of threads out there a big risk, riskier than betting at a gambling table, but there are folks confirmed, they purchased 100s of threads to run coingeneration software. The company domain is but the name on the website is Digital Generation. So if you buy 100s of threads, $50 each, will cost you $5000, and you’re loosing money on the first month, but even out on the second month, then pure profit after that for 12 months. Basically with 100 threads, you’re making $3000 cash a month.

As many risks already mentioned on previous blog entries, if you can survive the first two months getting your money back, you’re safe, after that, you don’t have to worry as much because you already got your money back, if you did spend a large amount of money, keep your finger cross for 2 months and hope they don’t shut down all of a sudden before the two months and run away with your money.

Maybe it’s true legit, but only for people whom are online all the time, especially computer geeks, skeptical but tried it anyways! 🙂