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Wow this is the best update blog I’ve seen so far with Digital Generation. Something they should have done a long time ago! very good! I like it. I love the word transparent! it is the only way to get supporters and I mean true supporters and loyalty from people, people would not have to speculate and assume and worse make bad assumption about the company. I have to give credit to them, keeping this kind of news going and be truthful and be transparent of what you’re doing and off course have better work plan and estimate completion, you will not have bad comments and speculation from people! trust me! I’ve been there 🙂 Horray! for Digital Generation!

News and updates!
By Joao on Wed, 07/31/2013 – 10:06
We are about to resume our payments and we would like to inform all members about recent changes in the project.

Firstly we find it important to address the legal part, especially the appearance of the company and our actual mission.

The development of the system is in progress and we’ll provide a special solution thar will allow 3rd parties to use our platform.

Competition in the industry puts us on a strong side and we look ahead of things to ensure DG remains strong and avoid possible impacts from payments systems and other services that we use for now.

The past week was difficult for all and we would like to thank all members for their continued patience during this period, our difficulties are about to end soon and we’ll continue our successful performance as if nothing has ever happened within days.

We regret to note there has been an increasing amount of complaints and negative posts about DG regardless of our actions to minimize the impact of nearly $2mln loss which has resulted due to recent Payza actions.

Until now the situation has not been resolved but we are not kind of company that will let down expectation of our members.

Taking into account the requirements from the banks that will operate as processing entities.

Users will be required to accept Users Agreement along with new Terms and Conditions which will be updated shortly.

All conditions regarding payments will remain the same, our lawyers are addressing the needs for banks and they require our business model to be more transparent

Financial model of our business will be alligned such way to straighten out the relation between clients and DG

Members will be able to see updated legal collateral on our site within the next few days

Software sales and gain distribution will be clearly outlined in the User Agreement therefore we’ll be changing the appearance of the company more into a “Software Company” to avoid misunderstanding with legal entities in the future.

Referral structure and commissions will remain the same however the website will be updated accordingly!

Best regards,

Digital Generation Administration