Digital Generation been working for you?

If or also known as Digital Generation been working well for you, then you’re not alone, I’ve joined the program over a week ago, everything appears to be smooth, although the activation by phone sms or verification took a while, but could have been instant if I responded to the text right away, I did second time and it get activated right away. It is working, and I am getting paid, not just to account balance, but I also requested payment and it sends to without any issue, and then I requested payza to transfer it to my bank, that also work well, no issue, just intransit time as estimated.

Keep in mind that started most everything is free, but once you reach certain limit, I believe it was $500, then it will automatically get converted into personal account, with personal account, you would be paying fees 2-3.5% fees when receiving money, still not back, considering if is working well for the next year or so I hope, hope that get shutdown anytime soon, due to various reason such as, illegal business, money laundering, and so on.

I will give it another week, before I will post my affiliate link up for commission, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try until I know it’s legit for a period of time!.