Digital Generation Chat room admins said wait for super surprise good news do you know what that good news is?

*** updated: 7/31/2013 Look like chat room are up and running once again, but the # of chatters in the chat had gone up to almost 800 people in there, most are quiet, some were banned where they can only read what’s showing on the screen, a few are just monitoring, and among those people in the chatroom  are also staffs or somehow related to them. Those Admins are in red. and the server is in blue. And – yes, it’s probably an IRC server can be easily cracked via reading the connection encrypted file. Digital Generation Chat room admins said wait for super surprise good news do you know what that good news is? – can you guess, come on try to guess!? What does it mean the Admin in the chat said, “await for big surprise good news!” guess again! you got it! it’s shutting down going away! That’s the big surprise good news Admins in the chat room giving you a big hint!  Is there such thing as “surprise good news?” LOL

Oh well! will see in the next coming days, it’s been half a week and the message on homepage hasn’t change. Now the chat room is dead no communication whatsoever. Could it because the Moderators or so call Admin are sick and tired of answering same questions and has no benefit, now they just focus on bring the payment back? if so I think this is a good step, however they should have communicated to the users, saying Chat room down support unavailable temporary in order to bring all resources to fix and bring up new payment system. Or – is it because just like the Paypal promise on June 15th 2013 and it’s over one month without any update. Or – could be worst, they’re withdrawing as much cash as they can, hide it, get new identity before running away with no traces, let’s hope that’s not the case, it would be bad for both sides, the operations staff or staffs and the users especially those whom has multiple 100s threads paying five thousand dollars each and now have no way of getting it out of coingeneration, those that didn’t get at least the amount of their investment back should start to worry and prepare to file fraud with the government for investigations on a “ponzi scheme” The government will surely look into this, off course the FBI, since the amount of money movements are in the millions with the help of payza and so on, at least get the users or people whom invested money back.Look at Liberty Reserve, dead!, look at, dead! look at mtGOX US branch, closed! all with the intervene of the FBI, and yes they will take action if the amount of violation is great! and dollar value at risk is high! megaupload thought they would get away! WRONG! they will find you!