Digital Generation Credit Card payments are finally available!

Credit Card payments are finally available! We are pleased to annouce that credit card deposits are working Please note that settlement currency is in CNY for now!! YAYYY!!! YEAHHH!!!

Yeah right!!!!

Look like they set priority on focusing taking money from users than paying them. It has been weeks according to the chat room, people are complaining they have not receive any payment at all, some requested over two weeks ago and still sees it pending, and these are the folks that have no tied to Payza account at all, since they requested through egopay and paxum. In addition Payza issue has not been resolved yet, and no surprise since payza said they will hold the funds for as long as 180days for investigations. Coingeneration indicated that they don’t want to cause any issue with Payza, by complying to whatever Payza asked.

Once again, clearly DG Digital Generation latest update appears to set focus on the priority of taking people’e money by implementing payment options via credit card. And – if you check it, the credit card processing in currency CNY which is chinese, and the fees is 10%, that’s $10 fee for everyone $100 or $5 fee for per threads purchased. But – you know what? I rather see this truth, charge high fee but ROI (return of investment) is good, I don’t mind at all – again I don’t mind the fees at all, even for both ways in and out, as long as my transaction go through the ROI is good. In other word even if I request payout and they charged 10%, believe me I don’t mind although this amount is incredibly high when compared with Payza and other processing services merchants, but again I don’t mind as long as Coingeneration DG Digital Generation pay, that is all matter.

* Transaction fee: 10%
** Min payment: $ 20

Pay by credit card min $50 USD 10%fee USD CNY currency available now at DG Digital Generation

Pay by credit card min $50 USD 10%fee USD CNY currency available now at DG Digital Generation

But – again, this is not about just the money, it’s also about computing power, I hope that it is true and the company Coingeneration DG Digital Generation succeeded, if they fail, we all fail and loose money, so we must support them in real business as it turns out to be based on my point of view had changed, maybe it is a great plan, although I don’t know if any company using their computing power yet. Stay tuned.!