Digital Generation Getting back on track!? news is better than no news

This could be good news for some people, but not all fix set in stone yet. Digital Generation released this latest news, after posting an update on Sunday saying that they will have good news on Sunday end of day but nothing until today Wednesday July 31st 2013. Well! this is better than nothing. Indeed most people will be happy to know that they are indeed working on rectifying the problem and doing as much as they can, although many people in the chat room and all say that SCAM LOL, noooo? really?

So the news below: what does it mean? nothing really, because what they succeeded doing was implementing an international bank that would allow them to accept credit card payment, again this is only accepting your money, not paying out! paying out still not working and they’re extending who knows when, although they did mention paxum is working they’re funding their paxum account to pay you, but who knows how long will that last before it’s another payza. Again, news is better than no news, and many people appreciate this update.

Getting back on track!
Credit Card Payments

We have settled our first facility with an Asian bank and will continue to expand network or partner banks to settle payments in different currencies and once we have all accounts with different banks setup, we will be able to process payments in different currencies.

Important Notice: for now, all users will be able to use credit cards for thread purchases, but they will see their card billed NOT is $USD, but in Chinese Yuan¥.

Payment form is being setup on our server right now, you will be able to see changes shortly.

New Accounts and Verification Process

From now on, new accounts will have a 2 week period after the purchase of the first thread, during which withdrawals will be unavailable due to verification purposes.
After this verification period, users will be able to withdraw funds on a normal basis.
This verification phase is a ONE TIME process and may be reduced to 5 days in the future.
Trial thread earnings will not be affected by this.

Pending Payments

As of now, we are funding our accounts, and resuming pending payments requests for Paxum to make sure every user is paid. Several restrictions still apply to “high risk” countires which will be waived within the next 10 days or less.

Payza, Withdrawals and Recent Events

We have set a date for today, the 31th of July, for implementation of our own gateway for deposits and withdrawals without using a 3rd party, but due to negotiations with banks, we may have to extend this period until further notice.

Truly yours,
Digital Generation