DigitalGeneration DG CG chat log

as of 4pm est. Jan. 25th 2014


3:27:05 PM Little Investment Try It:
3:27:35 PM Future: Excellent:
3:27:46 PM Theodoros: hi
3:30:53 PM Cumile: Im stop already
3:31:08 PM Muhammadhassan: Cumile, big cheaters
3:31:20 PM Muhammadhassan: Cumile, liars
3:31:33 PM Pr0Gambl3r: Muhammadhassan, ?
3:31:41 PM Cumile: Muhammadhassan, i know stop the tm
3:32:02 PM Pr0Gambl3r: Cumile, it wont work dont bother doing it
3:32:31 PM Ilsupremo94gmailcom: hi
3:32:32 PM Muhammadhassan: Pr0Gambl3r, i love dg
3:32:54 PM Muhammadhassan: Pr0Gambl3r, it is going to pump fucking €€
3:32:56 PM Cumile: Muhammadhassan, naive dreamer
3:33:43 PM MoneyForAll: hll
3:33:48 PM MoneyForAll:
3:33:54 PM Muhammadhassan: lol
3:34:18 PM Muhammadhassan: MoneyForAll, keep money in ur pocket b4 dg rip u off
3:34:43 PM MoneyForAll: Muhammadhassan, no invest more here 🙂
3:35:08 PM MoneyForAll: Muhammadhassan, google and amazom 🙂
3:35:09 PM Muhammadhassan: MoneyForAll, i dont invest anywhere
3:35:16 PM ClickBetter008: New sait DG>>>
3:35:38 PM Muhammadhassan: MoneyForAll, all dreams in vain
3:35:50 PM MoneyForAll: Muhammadhassan, 🙂
3:36:06 PM MoneyForAll: Muhammadhassan, here no need invest 🙂
3:36:41 PM Muhammadhassan: MoneyForAll, what the hell is that
3:36:44 PM MoneyForAll: MoneyForAll, only sell your pc power
3:37:08 PM Muhammadhassan: MoneyForAll, all thieves
3:37:43 PM Muhammadhassan: MoneyForAll, dont be their agent plz dnt miss guide folk
3:39:33 PM MoneyForAll: Muhammadhassan, ptc web pay more on DG 🙂
3:40:46 PM Muhammadhassan: dg is best
3:41:03 PM Muhammadhassan: its playing with us
3:45:23 PM Gaucho80: hello everybody
3:45:39 PM Gaucho80: FUCK DG SCAMMING LIARS, DG no scammers friend
3:46:19 PM ClickBetter008: New wallet DG>>>
3:46:20 PM Gaucho80: FUCK DG SCAMMING LIARS, DG is number 1 but we have waiting ; another time
3:46:41 PM Cumile: Gaucho80, another naive dreamer
3:48:25 PM Gaucho80: Cumile, you are the old user ;;dont worry
3:50:53 PM Massimo: DG you are stupid!!!!!!!
3:51:10 PM CompraBTC: .
3:51:16 PM CompraBTC: The Best HYIP 490 Days ON and Paying!!!
3:51:34 PM CompraBTC: .
3:52:13 PM ComputercoinsDotCom: CompraBTC, Paying or withdrawing ??? wich one is it 🙂
3:53:30 PM ClickBetter008: New wallet DG>>>>>>
3:57:16 PM LeMonk: compra this hyip looks like scam
4:02:28 PM LeMonk: no payments anymore?? they just payed 1 day and not even me 😉 and now they explain that they cant do it anymore until they get more income.
4:03:21 PM 889900: SELL YOUR PC POWER ▇ ▇ ▇ …..
4:03:59 PM LeMonk: Is it right the way i’ve understood the message when i’ve read from them?
4:04:05 PM Anitasantos: DG is dead
4:04:17 PM Cumile: the stocksdg working?
4:04:29 PM Future:
4:04:40 PM Cumile: im stopped tm
4:06:04 PM LeMonk: how will they increase their daily income when they cannot pay anyone 😉
4:07:30 PM Anitasantos: LeMonk, they cannot
4:08:04 PM LeMonk: then i’ve lost 800 dollars on this 😉
4:08:08 PM Anitasantos: i’m really tired of waiting for their promises, and get nothing
4:08:24 PM LeMonk: true that
4:08:41 PM Anitasantos: LeMonk, you can count on it
4:08:47 PM LeMonk: pretty annoying
4:08:58 PM SERVER: you have connected to USA
4:09:05 PM Anitasantos: portuguese, they aspire more then can get
4:09:19 PM LeMonk: before they lunch a project like this why cant they do business plans to reach their goalrs earlier xxD
4:09:59 PM Anitasantos: it was easier to hv an open commribody can earn, them and usunity telling the true, and eve
4:10:35 PM Anitasantos: sorry, open community and everybody