Payza payment system maintenance message

Just in case anyone have problems with coingeneration payments and probably other related issues, it might have to do with system maintenance they had performed. Message below.

Please note we will be carrying out important system maintenance on 29th June 2013, your Payza deposits might
be reflected on your account with a slight delay if transaction was made between 00:00-12:00 GMT, all accounts will be updated within the next 6-12 hours. Thank you for your patience in advance.


Have a nice weekend,

Digital Generation Team

So it might not be just payza only, and may impact other features, and estimated 6-12hours that’s a big gap estimate, give it a day before you get all excited! 🙂

Also every time I logged into the chat room, I see people asking about free threads over and over again, and many other questions already been addressed in the FAQ section user should have read. I would be a bit irritated also if I get question that already been answered in the FAQ.