Quit Coingeneration.com Digital Generation and join IPUservices.com

Look like there’s a better service out there better than coingeneration.com Digital Generation, the model is a lot better than coingeneration.com. So watch out! Coingeneration.com dying and on top of that competitors are out there with better models and a lot more transparent than coingeneration.com Digital Generation. Up to today, coingeneration.com have not gotten back to normal operation yet, people are not getting paid, tickets are not getting answer, website up and down, Chat room flooded without Admins – and Admins banned users for long time, all above all Admins and look like coingeneration.com staff care about one thing and prioritized as seen, get your money, and not paying. I have the feeling they’re trying to balance the money when they get enough money they can fund payout accounts then they can start making payments, chances are this will not happens because many many people are loosing faith with coingeneration.com horrible model and quit using it calling it a scam. So as long as people are not buying anymore threads chances are coingeneration.com will not have the money to make payouts, you will wait and wait and wait … forever, and then gone with the wind then lawsuit start to kick in, let’s hope that’s not the case, still some hope with coingeneration.com based on updates and Admins reassurance in the chat room.

So this IPUServices.com looks promising, will be keeping a close eye on it. So far my antivirus and malwares scanner blocked IPUServices.com saying it’s a hacking website HMMM!! iffy again LOL no different than coingeneration?